Tower in the Sky

For someone who’s a pretty mild-mannered, conflict averse individual in day-to-day life, satires I write tend to come out surprisingly acerbic. Sorry not sorry. Enjoy (or troll me with some variation of “Oh yeah? Well he’s president, so suck it! Woohoo, make America great again!” or “I’m a better Christian than you”, but consider yourself warned that I’ve heard like 10,000 of those so you’re gonna have to be pretty ingenuous to come up with something nobody else has said to me 😉  And if you’re one of those people who’s like “Hey Amelia, I’M nothing like the character you created in this piece of writing. I only voted for the guy because this election was kinda like choosing whether I’d prefer to be decapitated or buried alive, and how the heck does a person choose between crappy alternatives like that?”, please know that I get it and that this is not directed at people like you.)

He said he’s gonna build a wall
to protect me and mine
I hope it’s gonna be as tall as his tower in the sky
For a man so high-falutin’
he’s sure in touch with all my fears
And when he speaks what’s on his mind
I’m sure danger’s drawing near Continue reading “Tower in the Sky”